Financial Derivatives Market

Financial Derivatives Market is the world's largest financial market, with more than $4 trillion in daily liquidity. Almost very trade in all trading markets has an impact on the financial derivatives market, including futures market, fund market, stock market, etc. At the same time, all the banks, governments and companies all over the world are participating in the huge liquidity of the global financial derivatives market.Their trading practices create price fluctuations that make it possible for derivatives traders to make long-term profits.Through the powerful MT4 trading platform, all Neptune clients can trade in the volatile derivatives market 24 hours a day.

Why choose Neptune to trade financial derivatives?

Access more than 30 currency pairs of financial derivatives

Access derivatives traders to the world's most liquid derivatives market. You can experience trading at the institutional level in our highly liquid trading environment.

Access more than 30 currency pairs of financial derivatives

UP TO 9 Ways to access MT4

With a simple MT4 login port, you can access to an MT4 trading account anytime, anywhere.Traders can quickly and safely access their derivatives trading accounts, ensuring access to their MT4 accounts when trading opportunities arise.

Neptune is a leader in using smart financial derivatives trading solutions.

UP TO 9 Ways to access MT4

Up to 30:1 of financial derivatives leverage is available

Up to 30:1 of derivatives leverage is available, depending on the level of risk tolerance.Through risk management and overall risk level, professional financial derivatives traders can continue to profit from market fluctuations.If used properly, leverage can be a key contributor for winning consecutive returns.

Up to 30:1 of trading leverage

STP& low differential derivatives account - No Trader Model

Neptune is one of the leading companies in the financial derivatives industry under the regulation of Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Neptune has no conflict of interest in trading with users, and provides a real STP/ low difference trader free trading environment.

You can choose STP/ low differential (VIP) account

Supervision, security and separation of accounts

Neptune strictly complies with the client funds regulations of Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), strictly separate company capital and client funds.