Commodity Futures and Precious Metals Trading

Commodity trading has a long history and can be traced back to the open outcry of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Neptune provides the largest trading leverage for traders to connect to the most liquid commodity trading market. The commodity market is known for its volatility, and the market structure is suitable for traders who use technical analysis.

In Neptune,You can trade energy and precious metals, including crude oil, gold, and silver. The commodity trading market is open 23 hours a day, with a 45-minute trading break at the end of CME's Globex trading session.

Even if you are not an active trader, the close relationship between commodities, financial derivatives and the index market is still worthy of your attention, and you may find excellent trading opportunities in it.

Crude Oil Trading

Crude oil, known for the “black gold” for centuries, is often used by speculators to assess the health of the world economy.

In Neptune, the CME futures market, which is increasingly transparent on the MT4 platform, explores the crude oil market and gains profits.

Trading in high-tech markets using the intrinsic links between commodities, financial derivatives and the index market.

0.01 Lots
Controls 10 Barrels of Crude Oil

Gold Trading

For centuries, Gold has been used as a safeguard against risk. In today’s highly volatile market environment, adding Gold to your portfolio via the Neptune MetaTrader 4 Platform helps to insure against major ‘black swan’ events.

All central banks are printing money, but you can’t print Gold. The fact there is a finite supply of Gold means that speculation will always occur in this asset class.

0.01 Lots
Controls 1 Ounce of Gold

Silver Trading

Unsophisticated investors may refer to Silver as a poor man’s Gold, but don’t discount this highly volatile metal yourself. Closely correlated to Gold, Silver presents a vast number of trading opportunities otherwise missed if only trading Gold.

If you are looking to exploit opportunity on a transparent and highly liquid Commodities market, trade Silver.

0.01 Lots
Controls 50 Ounces of Silver


Natgas is a naturally occurring chemical fuel that is now commonly used in cooking and power generation.

Natgas is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange as a futures contract with a value of $100,000 per contract.

Natgas contracts are becoming increasingly popular with diversified assets and pension funds diversifying their portfolios.

0.01 Lots
Controls 100 Btu


Gasoline is a transparent petroleum processing fuel originally used in internal combustion engines. It is mainly composed of an organic compound mixed with some additives to form gasoline.

It is mainly traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, priced at US$ per gallon. All Neptune customers can trade gasoline and crude oil on the most popular MT4 trading platform.

0.01 Lots
Controls 420 gallon of gasonline

Thermal Fuel

Thermal fuel is a low-viscosity liquefied petroleum product used as a fuel. Its name derives from its most common use in construction and home heating.

The thermal fuel futures contract trades at 1,000 barrels and is traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with reference to New York Harbor settlements.

Trading the thermal fuel futures contracts on the Neptune MT4 trading platform.

0.01 Lots
Controls 420 gallon of thermal fuel


Copper is a soft, malleable and highly ductile metal with the chemical symbol of Cu. Copper is one of the major indicators through which investors and traders measure the overall health of the world economy.

Copper futures are traded on futures markets and are highly linked to the commodity currencies of the Australian and Canadian Dollars. If demand for Copper falls, then so will these correlated Forex markets. Take advantage of the correlations between Commodities and Forex by trading the new Copper contract on MT4 with Neptune.

0.01 Lots
Controls 250lbs of Copper